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Illustrated Musical Instruments


Live & Video performance

Botielus is a professional multi-instrumentalist and composer specializing in piano, synthesizer, accordion, and sax.

And dabbles in guitar, trumpet, flute, and triangle!

In addition to his own keyboard instrumentals, he loves playing your favorite Classic Rock and Pop from the 60’s-90’s

He also plays lots of different songs and styles from the 20’s thru current (he loves playing Lady GaGa's "Bad Romace"!).


Hire him NOW for your Holiday party, dinner, or event!  

Botielus can liven up any party! Or mellow out your party if wanted!

Custom recordings & production

including Marilyn Monroe backing tracks

Need your song recorded or produced? Botielus can probably do it!


Need music/sounds for your soundtrack? Yep!


Need a backing track to a song? Botielus can DEFINITELY do it. Check out his best selling Marilyn Monroe album at

Fill-in & studio musician

Playing keyboards, sax, and more with the top tribute (and real!) artists in the world!  Rock & Pop bands and more.  He has his own charts to hundreds of hit songs, ready to play at a moments notice,

He can learn songs quickly by ear (or read charts/music). LOTS of recommendations available on request.  Here are just some of the complete Tribute shows he knows: Elton John, Elvis, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Reba, Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Roy Orbison, Marilyn Monroe, & more!

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